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I have been crushing on someone since 6th grade. Recently he's been entering my dreams where he falls in love with me. I'm not sure if thats a sign of him falling in love with me. I feel a deep connection with him and feel like he's my soulmate. Please help me find out if he's in love with me and if he's my soulmate. Thank you.

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Aug 14, 2022



Astrology would not be able to give you information whether you will marry a particular person, it however can provide the extent of matching and compatibility between the two partners by analysing both the charts.

Notwithstanding the above, after analysing your chart, we can say that, you will definitely get married to the person of your choice and liking, as you are quite fortunate with respect your soulmate. Just a small advice as per your chart is that there could be times of losing confidence and interest in your own self, you should keep such thoughts away.

You have one of the best time of your life ongoing currently which spans till the year 2032 at least. You will be quite happy and satisfied in your family life.

Best Wishes.



Scorpio ascendant with the ascendant lord Mars exalted and posited in the third house; South Node (Ketu) posited in the ascendant; Seventh lord Venus exalted and posited in the fifth house in conjunction with Moon; North Node (Rahu) posited in the seventh house; An exalted Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury posited in the sixth house; Venus Major period ongoing up to 2032.

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Jan 17, 2021

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