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I am under debt and facing losses. Can you suggest some remedies to help me? I am trying for marriage but I'm not able to get married, I am trying to get wealthy but debts are getting more for every work I am facing an obstacles when will my life be full of abundance, healthy and wealthy?

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Shashi Nayak


Hard Times







Asked On: 

May 25, 2022



You have a noble mind with a helping attitude and a straight forward approach in life. You would have reliable friends.

The current period is volatile for you till around April 2023 and you need to tread carefully with respect to everything. Thereafter you have a positive period starting and youcan expect situations to change gradually, you will have good levels of earning, however there won't be any sudden changes.

You can recite the below given mantra for achieving prosperity and all round well being:-

ॐ ह्रीं दक्षिणा क्लें नमः ध्वः धवि

Om Hreem Dakshina Kleem Namah Dhvah Dhavi

Best Wishes.



Vrishabh lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the lagna conjunct Sun and Mercury; Ninth and tenth lord Saturn posited in the ninth house; Moon posited in the tenth house.

Saturn Maha Dasha ongoing with Ketu Antar Dasha and Venus Antar Dasha starts in April 2023.

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Hard Times


I have been wanting to start my o
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021
I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some years now. And, recently I have found an interest to work in the world of Crypto & Blockchain. Is it a good field of activity to best show my abilities? If not, what is?
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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