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I am married for 4 years and undergoing relationship issues with my husband and his family. I think this marriage will not work.Now I am staying with my parents. So, I want divorce from him. Whether this will happen? Or what I should do to make it happen? Whether this is right decision or not? Because I gave him many chances to change, but nothing worked. He is doing more. Please suggest me this is good thing to divorce him or not because I am fed up with my life.

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Aug 11, 2022



You have an energetic and charming personality. You would be loved by your friends and family and will always maintain good relationships.

Relationship matters are best analysed with the charts of both the partners, in the absence of your partner's details we have analysed only with respect to your chart.

As per your chart with respect to your query, we can say that there are clear indications of friction and troubles with the life partner but the matter may not end up in divorce and there are chances of settlement through mutual understanding.

Best Wishes.



Mithun Lagna with the Lagna lord Mercury posited in the fifth house conjunct a debilitated Sun, Mars and seventh lord Jupiter; Venus is posited in a Kendra and is under debilitation; Seventh lord Jupiter is posited in the eleventh house and in Tula in the Navamsha and is Vargottam; Ashtakavarga score of seventh house in natal chart is 18 and the Ashtakavarga score of seventh house of Navamsha is 25.

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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