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I am in love with a girl in my imagination only and I don't know if its real or fake anymore due to marijuana consumption. I need medical, psychological & astrology advice as to deal with this situation. The girl's name is Jade Chynoweth and she is born 21st August 1998 at 13:52 pm.

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Hong Kong





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Jul 27, 2022



Dear Chino, Thanks for sharing your concern. Basis your horoscope, you are currently in a phase of life where romantic inclinations are at its peak, this phase for you will last untill end of the year 2023. Your overall personality is such that you can definitely have wrong perceptions about your self and live in delusion for long, not only in matters of relationship but other areas of your life too. This deception gets accentuated further in matters of relationship, where you will always be imaginary, not grounded in reality and having very unclear perception. Consumption of marijuana and such substances which can distort your perception further or make you imagine things that don't exist is not helping your situation anyways. Please do take appropriate medical advise to help you overcome this situation. Astrologically, I would suggest to have a pet dog if you don't have one and try to find a dog which is black in colour and very short tail or no tail. This pet will help you in matters of your relationships and confusion there. You should express to the girl your feelings before December 2023, its possible that if she has any affection towards you then she will reciprocate. Else anyways post year 2023, this person won't be in your life and thoughts and you will move away from her. Hope this helps your situation.



Rahu-Ketu Axis along 1-7 houses with Saturn conjunct Ketu. Saturn lord of 5th house aspecting Jupiter via 10th drishti developing association of amorous relationship but with energies of blind ketu conjuncting Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn both being retrograde is making this situation tricky and strong. D-9 chart shows same pattern of Jupiter and Saturn and 7th lord Mars conjunct Saturn in 7th. Ketu Dasha beginning from end of 2023.

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