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I would like to know predictions on how my marriage life will be as I have never been in a relationship up to now.

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Sri Lanka





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Aug 30, 2022



Dear Chamari,

You will be better of married or being in relationship only after the age of 28. Matters of relationship will only be fruitful to you once you complete age 28, and if this is so you are just around the corner of reaching that state.

You have to start meeting or knowing people, as you are destined for a great relationship provided you meet and get to know many people and only then you will be able to decide on the right one.

If you marry in haste, there is high chance you won;t be satisfied completely and depending on your life situations it may lead to a break-up. So take your time and start finding the right one.

When you do find the right person, you may end up having lots of growth with him and also enjoy a great relationship.

Arranged marriage is better for you than a love marriage.



Lord of 7th being Mars matures at 28 and also aspects 7th house with lagna lord. No mutual reception of 5th and 7th lord in horscope and 7th lord being aspected by Saturn will involve repetition and trials before the right one is found.

Jupiter and Moon conjoins in 7th house showing fluidity and abundance in 7th house matters.

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