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I am under a lot of stress, when will I find peace? How can I best deal with my current stressful situation?

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Hard Times



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Mar 3, 2022



After analyzing your chart, it can be said that you need to vent out the stress, as the favorable time will take some time to come.

You need to start meditation and pranayam (Breathing exercises) to relax and also importantly you need to stop thinking on things, on which you have less or no control.

You will find peace towards the end of next year and this year from November onwards situation will be ease out gradually.

The current situation is a temporary one and treat it like that only. Have faith in yourself, things will turn around in near future.

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Dhanu Lagna with retrograde Saturn Posited in Lagna; Lagna lord Jupiter in fifth house conjunct Sun and Moon; Jupiter in Pushkara Bhaga and Pushkara Navamsha;

Rahu conjunct Mars in Aquarius in third house; Moon Mahadasha is ongoing with Mars Antar Dasha and Rahu Antar Dasha Starts in April 2022 till Oct 2023.

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Hard Times


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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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