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I had breakup with my love, we had 5 years of relationship. Will she comeback to me or not?

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May 16, 2022



You have a reservist mindset and you generally do not reveal your true side to anyone. You generally tend to believe everyone who comes in contact with you.

As per your chart, there is a possibility of some kind of friction in your love relationship initially and it would depend completely on your efforts to retrieve the relationship. Long lasting relationships are always based on truthful and transparent communication, which you need to establish with your love to find the way ahead.

Reach out to her and have direct conversation and you can move on based on the outcome. You would have a good happily married family with conjugal happiness. Do not be in a hurry to build any relationship as lasting relationships are the ones which are built over time.

Best Wishes.



Tula lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the seventh house in conjunction with Jupiter and a debilitated Saturn; Moon posited in the lagna having full mutual aspect with Venus; The lord of seventh house Mars is combust and posited in the eighth house in conjunction with Sun ad Mercury.

Mars posited in Vrishabh Navamsha in the fifth house and is under Rohini Nakshatra.

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