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Can my daughter become a model or will she be able to go into the fashion/media/glamour/acting/film industry? I recently paid some money to a casting agency for featuring her on a reknowned online marketplace. Do you think, I should make efforts to expose her to become a model anytime in future? Am I going in the right direction? If not, what are her strengths, and which field I should groom her into?

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Apr 10, 2022



She has good looks, well defined eyes and sharp features, which are also primary requisites for the world of glamour. She would have to develop good communications skill, which is at moderate level as per her chart.

Also, the area where she will also have to improve and develop more to attain success in acting/modelling/glamour as a profession mainly, is memory and retention skills, which are very important to express and connect to the audience.

The fields most suitable to her as per her chart are the fields of education, research and development, beauty, cosmetics and related sector, energy industry.

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Vrischika lagna with lagna lord Mars in the eleventh house; Mercury posited in the lagna; Tenth lord Sun is debilitated in the twelfth house conjunct Venus and Jupiter.

Tenth lord of natal chart in fifth house of Dashamsha; Tenth lord of Dashamsha is Mars posited in the tenth house conjunct Rahu. Venus posited in the lagna of Dashamsha conjunct Jupiter.

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Jan 17, 2021

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