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I want to ask if I choose life insurance or health insurance agent sector for is it suitable for me. Can I grow in this field?

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Mar 13, 2022



After analysing your chart, we can say that, the fields of finance are moderately suitable to you. Moreover the roles of Insurance or Health Insurance require more of public interaction and marketing more than the details of finances.

You would have to bring in a change in the way you approach people to be a successful Insurance agent, as it requires a charming, fluent and attractive communication to be successful as an agent in these sectors.

You can grow and be successful in this field to a limited extent initially, as indicated in your chart, you will have to work a lot to change your communication style, which is the only limiting factor for you. If you overcome this attribute you can achieve great success.

Best Wishes.



Kark Lagna with Lagna lord in the second house conjunct Rahu, Mars and Jupiter. Saturn in third house with full aspect on ninth house;

Saturn posited in the third house Kanya; Mercury the third lord is posited in the fifth house conjunct Sun; Saturn is posited in the third house in the Navamsha and Rahu is posited in the third house in the Dashamsha.

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